Signal rolls out Stories to its secure messaging app

Signal rolls out Stories to its secure messaging app

It's now accessible on iOS and Android.

Signal Stories has now been made available to all users after a brief test in its beta channel. Users may send texts, films, and images to their loved ones that immediately expire after 24 hours thanks to this function. The most recent iterations of the iOS and Android apps include the capability.

You will be able to see a new Stories tab at the bottom after the update. You may access any stories that are posted by pressing this area. If you tap on Signal's narrative, it will demonstrate how the Stories section works, including how to swipe up to skip and how to swipe right to leave. The nicest aspect about using Signal for storytelling is that end-to-end encryption still ensures the platform's commitment to security. Additionally, you may create Group Stories to share your memories with a select group of friends, relatives, or even coworkers. Even the group members can respond to and react to your shared experiences.

If you want to make your own Story, you can either use the ordinary camera to capture a photo or a video, or you can go to the Stories page and do the same. You may add text, doodling, emoji, and the blur effect once your narrative is complete. You will have the ability to opt-out of the function by turning it off in the settings menu if you're the kind of person who isn't really enthused about Signal's new addition. You won't be able to view other people's tales or have the chance to write your own if you do this. When this mode is used, the app will totally eliminate the Stories UI.

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Via: The Verge